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Skateboards, Plath & Corsets.

“ If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar.

I’m in so much pain, I’ve already cried 3 times today I’m in so much pain. My tonsils feel like they’re going to fucking burst open. Eh.

"My cat is one of my dearest friends. He’s a proper good little lad. I must admit that I do prefer my cat to most people. People disappoint me all of the time. But my cat is always a great friend. I wish more people were like cats.”
— Paul McCartney (via oilysykes)

I think I’m kinda kissable. I would like a kiss pls.

ffionnn asked: You mentioned before that because you're short you have problems with corsets fitting (yesterday or something?) and I was wondering if you knew anywhere that would do well for reaaaally short torsos? All underbust corsets dig into my hip bones and under my boobs and it hurts! I'd love to start training but it's so hard to find any that fit right!

With my shape I wouldn’t buy a shorter corset because of how my hips, but you could buy the baby corset from That’s smaller. It’d be rad to find a corset shop that makes corsets for short people! haha 
I think you need to measure yourself/be measured properly and contact a corset shop (if you have one near you) or a website that sells the sort of corsets you want and give them your measurements and explain your problems. Hopefully they could do something! I had a corset made for my shape and even that was a uncomfortable! I guess it’s trial and error finding the corset of ya dreams xoxox

jabbaa-thee-slutt asked: I just found your blog and I think that you are absolutely stunning. You are seriously so gorgeous and i just thought i should tell you that before the day was over.

Aw, this has made me smile! Thank you very much darling :) xo

burlesquemermaids asked: Hey, you're such a babe and I love your blog and photos !! I was wondering where you get your waspies ? I can only find long, horrid tube corsets.

Herro lovely lady, Thank you very much! I love their under busts! xoxo