I'm a deep thinking, heavy hearted little pessimist from London that loves vintage, films and art.

Skateboards, Poetry & Corsets.

“ If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar.
"So much music today is perversely sexualized. It’s guys bragging about being hot, about ‘getting girls,’ getting ‘bitches.’ It’s very tiresome to me. People aren’t actually like that. The things that really make people happy, you know, it’s intimacy and being loved."

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wherethedevildontstay said: Where are you that it's 5:14 in the morning? England?

London, England mate

It's 5:13am, someone talk to me please.

Anonymous said: Do you think Gummo has a meaning behind it? And why do you enjoy harmony films so much


in my opinion, the main theme of gummo is nihilism and its aimlessness is its meaning - harmony wanted to push the boundaries of filmmaking forwards and he did so by creating a collage of images that did not build a standard-issue plotline but instead built characters out of nothing. there are also like, empty pop-culture references which relate to his commentary on american youth and identification. he quotes:

 ”America is all about this recycling, this interpretation of pop. I want you to see these kids wearing Bone Thugs & Harmony t-shirts and Metallica hats - this almost schizophrenic identification with popular imagery. If you think about, that’s how people relate to each other these days, through these images.”

i enjoy his films so much because he really does push the boundaries. I’ve hardly ever seen a filmmaker as reckless and unafraid to try new techniques. His movies are often panned and people often do not understand them but they strike a certain dissonant chord. He likes to shock, but he doesn’t give cheap thrills. He is truly one of the most influential filmmakers of the modern age.

borderlandsguy said: I wanna see you in the dress standing up and maybe from behind?

I wanna see less of these demands boy.